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streets1Street life is tough and most kids are on the streets because they have been abandoned there, live there with their parents or are runaways from abusive and dangerous home situations.

Duncan and the SKD Guatemala team visit the kids on the streets, offering first aid, love and hope.  We work in partnership with other agencies to offer support, training and opportunities to the children on the streets.

Please consider making a donation to help our work, it is vital and we are making a difference.

Over the last 25 years that Duncan has been working on the streets of Guatemala he has seen a dramatic reduction in the number of children on the streets and a decline in the abuse and killing of street children.



highriskWorking to prevent more children taking to the streets is an urgent priority for us and this is why we help fund projects that work with the most vulnerable children and young people from some of the most dangerous areas of Guatemala City and Honduras.

So many of the children we help come from very dysfuncional and often violent families.  They live in poverty and have to cope with abuse, neglect and gang violence on a daily basis.  Since these are some of the push factors that propel children towards street life we help provide a network of caring adults and links with specialist organisations that can help prevent children living on the streets.

Street Kids Direct has developed a specialist mentoring programme to offer a caring adult in the life of a high-risk child.  Your donation will help provide us with the materials and training a mentor needs to get going.  The mentoring relationship makes the world of difference to a child who has been abandoned, abused or neglected.  the child begins to respond and their behaviour and school grades improves as does their desire to dream of a better future.



san jorge1Street Kids Direct partners with a small project in Nicaragua that provides a hot meal for nearly 100 vulnerable children in San Jorge, a small town near the capital Managua.  This project has had many problems this past year as the country has come close to civil war but we have managed to get money to continue inspirational work and offer support and care for the children and their families.


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