Radio Christmas is always asked to feature new music, bands and performers.  Here are some of our favourites:

Sam Wilson is an unsigned singer songwriter from Amersham, Buckinghamshire. He has always been involved in music and plays the violin and piano. He is keen to get his music recognised to a wider audience. He will also play "Galileo" in Dr. Challoners' production of "We Will Rock You" next term. He has a facebook page, a twitter profile and a youtube account. The download link for one of his songs, Runaway, is available to download here.

Mark White is a local artist to Amersham and has worked extensively with orchestras and artists such as BBC Big Band, Glen Miller Orchestra (UK), Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey, Robbie Williams and the Royal Variety Performance.  Mark has rercorded some instrumental Christmas tracks and Radio Christmnas is pleased to promote his music.

Florin Street BandFour years ago we had the privilege of helping to promote the FLORIN STREET BAND Radio Christmas is pleased to promote the music of the Florin Street Band.  Their track -- My Favourite Time of Year -- is being hailed as the first real Christmas song in decades. The ambitious Victorian-themed project features dozens of musicians including The English Chamber Choir who were recorded at Trevor Horn’s studios in London.  READ MORE




SwingfishSwingfish have always been a favourite of Radio Christmas.  The Dutch pop group wrote a song we featured a few years ago on Radio Christmas and now it is permanently on our playlist.  READ MORE  




coral on the rocksCoral on the Rocks are a four-piece jazz band based in Buckinghamshire, UK and have recorded a live set for Radio Christmas.  For more information go to




OoberfuseOoberfuse are an electronica band based in London and their music explores the deep themes of human life.  Their latest release is called Angels Cry and is one of our favourite tracks this Christmas.




melodious muttMelodious Mutt walks a tightrope between the polished and the quirky.  Matt Molnar is the one-man nwrecking crew and we are sure you will enjoy his selcetion of Christmas favourites.  Check out some of his tracks here.




fluffy snowFluffy Snow is a new track from Bill McKechnie from Warwick, UK.  Bill is a poet, writer, composer and founder of wheelchair line dancing!  READ MORE





rapoattRopatt, AKA Ron Patton, is co-founder of Baywest Records and based in West California.  His track Mystery Mistletoe" is a smooth jazz instrumental and we hope you enjoy it READ MORE




Christmas Baby is the new release from Sandi Kight and the composer is Mauricio de Cunha.

dartagnanMerry Christmas Darling is a romantic song written by D´Artagnan who wrote the song for his girlfriend Josie 





Christmas TimeChristmas Time was written by Kid Norkjen (Norvald Kjenstad).  The song is about the magic of Christmas see through the eyes of a child and recorded in Nashville, TN, USA.




reggaeROFL_FM is a music band from Germany and we are excited about their track "Reggae Christmas".





jingle jangleJingle Jangle Christmas was written and performed by Dan from Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK.





bunnyWalter "Bunny" Sigler continues to share songs that prove his passion for music.  His holiday album, When you´re in love at Christmas time" showcases Sigler´s musical gift to make any song jingle with a commanding soulful flare.




saradevilleFootprints in the Snow is a new release from Sara de Ville.





rest of timeThe Portraits have released a charity single called The Rest of Time.  They are attenpting to save lives lost to blood cancers, in particular six-year-old Emma Whittaker, from Buckinghamsire, UK, who suffers from Fanconi Anaemia




baileyKeiran Bailey, A Christmas Night.





Anna PasamanAnna Pasaman´s song Christmastime was a firm favourite with Radio Christmas in 2015.





nelliewyldeThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. brings us her novelty Christmas song: Santa, I can explain.





This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Norvald Magnar Kjenstad performs his song Wonderful Christmas.  More information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





This ChristmasThis Christmas by Franklin McKay has reached #24 on the US AC Billboard.





Santa singsSteffen Hinkel´s Santa Sings - It´s a Long Way to Tipperary is a single production by west forest records, released oct. 2013 by

The vocals were recorded at the chorus leaders Christoph Hilfrich home, lead vocal Steffen Hinkel.



martin and mePaul Cherrington´s solo guiat instrumental arrangement of the popular carol, In The Bleak Mid-Winter is a pleasant entry into Radio Christmas´s new music list.




Erica JenningsLeading me Home by Erica Jennings is a new powerful ballad of the Irish born singer. Erica is already enjoying a spectacular musical career in Lithuania, expands her horizons as a solo singer presenting her song "Leading Me Home" worldwide. 




Oma banner idealSize 1-1Oma Ikomi with "I want to wish you" is an interesting Christmas song.




Mr. X  SaffordTony Gideon offers a love ballad titled You´re the Great Christmas Gift 




chirstmas song cover 3000x2584Fracking for Fairydust offers us Daddy I know You are Father Christmas and is of the story of a girl whose dad tries to keep the Christmas magic alive.




Nita - xmasNita Neilsen has released her Christmas song One World Together




Nita - xmas copyWritten and produced by Nuessle, Christmas and Hanukkah is sung as a duet by Bernadette Marnell-Palumbo and Mike Vocal.  The song spreads the moder-day message of slowing down and reconnecting with family and friends during the holidays.




southpoleTerry Abrahamson has written a fun old-school country family tribuite to his musical heroes in this song South Pole Santa.




notbadcoverIt´s the spirit of Christmas by Peel you own Spuds tells a different Christmas story of the loss of a loved one.  The song features two main vocals, Rosie and Dave and Our Lady´s of the Angel´s School Choir of 120 pupils ages 7-11 years.




morning Bells ArtworkDougie Scott is a singer/songwriter from Aberdeen, Scotland and has released his Christmas single Morning Bells.




Highwood Holidays CoverMatt Feddermann is a singer/songwriter from Chicago, IL, USA.  he has released new arrangements of the Christmas classics called "Highwood Holidays" and features he versions of We Three Kings and Deck the Halls.




Coverfoto04-2015150dpiBernd Reischl has written and produced This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with his friend Michael.




AutoClausFrank Froy is from Wolverhampton in the UK and has recorded and produced a song titled This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about the inevitablity of Christmas




ChristmasSandy Hooks is the composer of the musical Christmas, The Musical! We have played some of the music from the musical on Radio Christmas.




Break Open The Bucks Fizz Front final Final DOne DOne1Brett Sinclair is a British artist who has written the song Break Open the Buck´s Fizz and we have featured his music on Radio Christmas and have an intervierw with him on the listen again section of website.