Duncan Dyason

Duncan Dyason

David O'Brien, lead singer of the www.thecharcoalburners.com a folk fusion band based in Sussex wrote and recorded 'Xmas time' a family Christmas song this year as an antidote to the winter blues and to celebrate the classic Xmas song in all its glory. 

Radio Christmas has received some positive feedback from the Community Radio Award committe, but was not awarded anything this year.

We thought you would like to read the comments:

  • Radio Christmas is a very fun concept with a clear goal in mind: to raise money for Street Kids Direct, a charity that helps at risk children in Latin America.
  • The number of volunteers involved is staggering (compared to other entrants in this category). Some of those involved have evidently gone on to broadcasting careers.
  • The youthful presenters are charming and their state of spontaneity refreshing. The links and station IDs are professional-sounding.
  • Wonderful idea and a novel way of engaging with an audience at Christmas, definitely a clever way of presenting niche Christmas content without relying entirely on Christmas number ones.
  • Fantastic charity project. Money raised for children in Central America through a Christmas Radio.
  • Many volunteers (600-800 each year), especially kids. Lot of fun, jokes and on-air talks during the Christmas time.
  • Congratulations! What a wonderful and fun way to start the entry with the children on air who I am sure have caught the 'radio bug'. I really enjoyed how many young people were on the entry, some real future radio stars can say they started their careers at Radio Christmas.

Please help us to make a difference to high-risk families this Christmas.

We would like to provide every family with a Christmas box this year with groceries enough to feed a family of five.  Each box costs just £15 and if you can sponsor a box, please do to the DONATE page and help us make this Christmas a very special time for many vulnerable children.

Amanda lives in poverty in Guatemala City and had a dream to become a hairdresser. She knew that having her own hairdressing business would help her, her boyfriend and their daughter get out of the cycle of poverty. Her inspirational story is an encouragement to all.

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