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Duncan Dyason

Your Christmas Song by Chuck Schaeffer [ASCAP]
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Steve Poulson and Lindsey Kalk spend two hours together discussing the differences between the US and the UK.  Enjoy the shows, they are our favourites:

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Two volunteers with Street Kids Direct visit two children who have been rescued from the streets of Guatemala and have a little surprise for them!

jumperSome believe that the wearing of the Christmas jumper originated in the UK in the 1980s when a growing number of TV celebrities began to wear the festive knitwear on television.  

The idea grew in popularity with more and more people wanting to wear a jumper during the colder month of December that depicts a Christmas scene, character or just a fun cartoon character.

However, the jumper was a necessary piece of clothing in the winter months and Hollywood legends such as Clark Gable and Gary Cooper popularised the knitwear in 1960 America. The power and influence of television added to the popularity of the jumpers that were used in TV adverts to promote festive foods during the 1970s.

Suffolk Police organise a Christmas jumper day every year in order to raise funds for Radio Christmas´s cause and we would like to encourage you to do the same every December and help us help more children.

three kings cakeAnother great British Christmas tradition is the making and eating of the Christmas Cake.  The cake is a rich fruit cake that is decorated with marzipan and white royal icing and then a sprig of holly is placed on the top. Most cakes are made from mixed dried fruit and nuts that are often soaked in rum, brandy or whisky.

The tradition of the fruit cake is said to date back to 1573, but was associated with the cake´s predecessor – the plum pudding or plum porridge.  The festive cake was also linked to the 12 days of Christmas that start from Christmas Day and was eaten at parties and social gatherings for the 12 days of holidays after Christmas.  Nowadays the 12 days are not celebrated much apart from on Radio Christmas, due to the fact that most people have to return to work soon after the 26th December.

The British Christmas Cake may have inspired many other European countries to make their own versions, including the Three Kings Cake (image right) that is a firm favourite in Switzerland.  The swiss cake is circular to represent the circular route taken by the Kings who visited the Christ-child and to confuse King Herold.  Inside the cake one lucky person will find a small plastic figure inside their portion of the cake and that person then becomes King for the day in the family home. Three Kings Cake is usually baked and eaten on the 6th January (Epiphany).

elf1One of the newest Christmas traditions and one which we love here at Radio Christmas is based on a book called “The Elf on the Shelf” by Carol Aebersold.  Carol wrote the book to tell the story of an elf doll that would magically in a different part of the house every morning in the days leading up to Christmas Day.

Carol and her sister Chanda grew up with this family tradition thanks to her parents who would place a toy elf in various places around the house each night, causing great excitement with the girls each morning when they woke, as the hunt for the elf would begin.  The parents also said that the elf would be watching them to make sure they were well behaved and would tell Father Christmas if they were naughty.

Radio Christmas has received many photos from listeners who let us know where their elf is each day.  So, why not join the online community and let us know where your elf is this Christmas?