History of Christmas Jumpers

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jumperSome believe that the wearing of the Christmas jumper originated in the UK in the 1980s when a growing number of TV celebrities began to wear the festive knitwear on television.  

The idea grew in popularity with more and more people wanting to wear a jumper during the colder month of December that depicts a Christmas scene, character or just a fun cartoon character.

However, the jumper was a necessary piece of clothing in the winter months and Hollywood legends such as Clark Gable and Gary Cooper popularised the knitwear in 1960 America. The power and influence of television added to the popularity of the jumpers that were used in TV adverts to promote festive foods during the 1970s.

Suffolk Police organise a Christmas jumper day every year in order to raise funds for Radio Christmas´s cause and we would like to encourage you to do the same every December and help us help more children.

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