*I can't hear the audio or the LISTEN NOW player does not work!

If you are having trouble hearing the audio feed, there is likely to be a simple solution to the problem. The most common problem is that your computer does not have the correct software installed. All the software required is completely free, there's a list of links below.

What software do I need?


*How many people can listen to your online stream at any time?

Radio Christmas is a charity radio station and we want people to listen but we do have to pay for every person that logs in and streams our radio shows.  Our provider is called CANSTREAM and they are excellent at monitoring the streaming and increasing the number of active streams should demand necessitate.  It would help if those listening online could leave it connected only when they are actually listening.  THANK YOU.


*Can I listen online from anywhere in the world?

If you have a good Internet connection then you should be able to listen to Radio Christmas from anywhere in the world.


*I find that when listening on my mobile your station stops and starts, what is going on?

For all those listening to Radio Christmas via their mobile device the way you listen to us is through your WIFI or mobile connection.  Most mobile connections do tend to drop out now and again and depending on your local provider and strength of your 3G or 4G network will determine how good the signal is to you.  We are broadcasting fine but not everyone will always get a constant stream over the mobile network.


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