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Where the money goes


Life is tough for the 250 children who work daily on the rubbish dump for as little as $1 per day.  It is dangerous work and we still miss 7-year-old Kevin who died on the city dump when he was dragged under a rubbish truck.


Food & Education

Radio Christmas has raised money to help feed and educate 160 children throughout the year.  This year we had the joy of seeing the first children who came off the dump now starting university and college.


Family Support

Your donation will help us to provide a better start to so many children.  We have been building homes for some of the families who literally live on top of piles of rubbish.  Have a look at the video of one of the families we have helped.

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Always room for more!

Your donation will help us give a loving home to the new children rescued, like little 7-year-old Maria (photo).


New School

Money raised from our last Radio Christmas helped build and equip a new school for the children of the home and also for children at 'high-risk' who live near the home.  Our 3 teachers used to live on the streets and have come through the children's home themselves.


The Manuelito Children's Home offers safe refuge for 40 children, all of whom have been rescued from the streets or situations of high risk and neglect. Your donation makes a significant difference.  Watch a short video here from one of the volunteers.

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Prevention is effective!

Your support will mean we can help children who are    'at-risk' of becoming street children and provide long-term solutions to keep them away from the streets.

at risk1

Outreach programmes and clubs

We continue to support proejcts in Guatemala and Honduras that run outreach programmes and clubs for children who are at-risk or who have been affected by violence and abuse.

at risk2

Money raised on Radio Christmas really benefits the most needy children.  The various outreach initiatives we help fund offers children a place to belong and the chance to have a caring adult at their side to support them to make positive life choices.

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The Radio Project

radio projectRadio Christmas began in 2008 when a small group of people interested in radio wanted to bring some festive cheer to their local area and raise funds to help street kids in Latin America.

Since then the project has grown significantly and broadcasts online throughout the year to thousands of listeners throughout the world.  Every 2 years we GO LIVE online and on FM from the 1st to 26th December with the help of over 150 volunteers, many of whom are children.


Please support all our sponsors (left) because without their advertising on Radio Christmas we would not be able to go on air.

The advertising that companies take out with Radio Christmas covers the OFCOM licence and PRS Music Performace Rights licence.  Having these costs covered means that are able to guarantee that 100% of all donations go directly to the helping the children in Latin America.

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